Giveaways Rock to All

The Bible answers the most important questions about the meaning of human existence, reveals the past and future of mankind, and points the way to salvation from sin, disease, and even death.

Faith in God gives more than it seems at first glance. Trusting the Lord, we find not only confidence in tomorrow what all so are eager for, but also the world, rest, feeling of safety and understanding. We trust God because we know Him, He acts in our lives when we exercise faith.

Faith Missionary Church

Family – protection and pleasure for a person A healthy lifestyle helps us to complete all tasks Spiritual development guarantees successServing God and neighbor is at the heart of every Christian’s life. The forms and methods of such service can vary, as do the vocations and talents of people. They complement each other as members of a living organism. In this church body, all are connected by a single love and all serve each other and God.

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